Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Why can't I listen? Why can't I hear the station?

We have a few listening options at Hot 108 Jamz and for all Radioup.com stations.

If you can not hear the station, you most likely don’t have the proper plugin.

We use Windows Media Player for most of our stations by default. Simply download the Windows Media Player plugin by clicking here


Hot 108 Jamz also has an option called “Listen Flash Player”.
With this option you can listen using our Flash Player.
To listen using the Hot 108 Jamz Flash Player CLICK HERE
** If you are using FIREFOX, then you must use the Flash Player option to listen. **

*Most computers support Flash
If you do not have Adobe Flash installed on your computer, you can get it by clicking here
The direct link to download Adobe Flashplayer is: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

If you are still having problems with hearing Hot 108 Jamz or any Radioup.com station please let us know by clicking here and we will try to help you. Please select listening problems and someone from our support team will email you back.

How do I enter a contest?

It depends on the contest.

We will always let you know how to enter any specific contest.